A Day in the Life of a Spa Consultant

A lot of people ask what my days are like and how glamorous my travels must be.I’m extremely fortunate to be able to do what I love. I adore my job and helping spa owners achieve their highest level of success and fulfill their dreams.

As I start a 22 hour day, I feel it’s important to reflect and take a pause of gratitude.

It’s 6:33 am and I’ve been up since 2:30 am. I live in the beautiful seacoast area of southern Maine. The drawback of this is having to take the bus into Boston to get to the airport. I always cut it close. Mondays are the worst because the airport is jamming. I try not to fly on Mondays but my clients’ spas don’t wait for the best days for me to travel!

As we taxi the runway, a slight feeling of anxiety always creeps in. It’s a dose of healthy fear that I’ll never get over. My pre-flight ritual is a brief prayer session and what I call “Take off Reiki”. I was fortunate to learn Reiki back in 1997 and it has served me well ever since.

Once we land, I’m back to running. I pick up my rental car and I’m off…

I arrive, hungry but excited. (The graham crackers from my flight just didn’t hold me over!) I love this spa’s concept and they’re so close to opening their doors! I grab a quick breakfast with the manager and we plan the day. Today its two hours of manicure training, meeting with leads, and having intensive leadership meetings. I’m brimming with excitement.

After all of this, it’s back into my rental car to catch an 8 pm flight. I made it to the airport with plenty of time to spare.”Dear Pittsburgh airport, Please open a spa for people like me who have extra time and need to relax! I’d be glad to provide my services to help get it up and running quickly.

I am really tired. Thank goodness this late flight is generally pretty empty – making small talk is not an option at this point. We land early, but for me that just means waiting longer for the coach. I guess I can decompress.

Finally, I board my last leg home. A full bus, great. I ask to sit with a woman who acted exasperated by my request. Trust me lady, I don’t want to snuggle you either. I catch my head bobbing around a bit during the trip. We finally make it to Portsmouth where my seatmate departs. I spread out and fall fast asleep. I was awakened by the second call at my destination. That would have stunk if I missed the call. I might be writing from a bus yard.

I get off the coach and wander around the parking lot for a minute. How can I forget where I put my car, it was only this morning!?!? I hop in the car and race home. I’m so looking forward to settling into my comfy bed with my amazing Marriott pillows. Side note, Marriott pillows are well worth the price of purchase!

I guess I should not have been so anxious to reach home… I got pulled over. Seriously! It’s 11:30 pm, no one on the road and I’m dog tired. I got off with a warning, thank you officer!

I finally reach home and I’m wired! Full of energy and hungry again, what to do? Well, a quick jog on the treadmill and warm shower does the trick. I pour my exhausted body into bed between my two favorite fellows, Gary and Biloxi. Now these two guys are much better snuggle mates than the miserable gal on the bus. I drift off to sleep reflecting on my day and being grateful.

A good day, in my opinion, begins and ends with gratitude, is full of hard work that you enjoy, and always brings you back to those you hold most dear.

Today was a good day.